Information on Short Films Grouping and Midnight Screening Order
2017/04/27 AM 12:1 admin

The following is the order of The 18th Jeonju International Film Festival’s grouping for Korean Competition For Shorts, Korean Cinemascape For Shorts, World Cinemascape: Spectrum Shorts, World Cinemascape Masters, Expanded Cinema: Shorts, and Midnight Cinema(midnight screening).

Screenings will begin on time and admission is usually permitted only until 10 minutes after screening begins. However, your assigned seat is not guaranteed after screening begins and you must follow the directions of the volunteer staff in the theater.

The admission after the screening starts for the short films´ screening will be allowed only after the first short of the short films ended.

During Midnight Cinema, there is 20 minutes of intermission between the films and there is no intermission for screenings of grouped short films.

1. Korean Competition For Shorts 1
(1)Touch of Evil (2)Boundary (3)Hye-Young

2. Korean Competition For Shorts 2
(1)If You’re with Stephenchow (2)Crack (3)Tombstone Rufugee (4)Porkbelly

3. Korean Competition For Shorts 3
(1)Swarm Circulation (2)Bomdong (3)Night Working (4)Alone Together

4. Korean Competition For Shorts 4
(1)Sunday (2)Us in the Middle of the Day (3)Sheltered (4)Wandering Girl

5. Korean Competition For Shorts 5
(1)10PM (2)Replaceable (3)Anxiety of Concrete (4)Camellias in Bloom

6. Korean Cinemascape For Shorts
(1)Empty Room (2)Today’s Gravity (3)Hide and Seek (4)Unexpected Fart (5)Glimmering (6)Best Driver

7. World Cinemascape : Spectrum Shorts 1
(1)The Fullness of Time(Romance) (2)The Dust Channel (3)Birds(Working Title) (4)Ten Meter Tower (5) Pussy (6)Play Boys

8. World Cinemascape : Spectrum Grouping Screening
(1)Nightlife (2)Borders

9. World Cinemascape Masters 1
(1)Take Me Home (2)The Hedonist (3)The Day Before the End (4)Clowns

10. World Cinemascape Masters 2
(1)Practice Films: Aux Quatre Coins (2)Practice Films: Le Quadrille (3)Practice Films: Le Divertissement??

11. World Cinemascape Masters Grouping Screening
(1)Nocturama (2)Sarah Winchester, Fantom Opera

12. Expended Cinema for Shorts 1
(1)025 Sunset Red (2)Foyer (3)A Train Arrives at the Station (4)Small Town (5)Fragments

13. Expended Cinema for Shorts 2
(1)Where are You, Jean-Marie Straub? (2)There is Land! (3)?Fajr (4)The Hunchback (5)August(3D)

14. Midnight Cinema 1
(1) Dawn of the Felines (2) The Invisible Guest (3) T2: Trainspotting

15. Midnight Cinema 2
(1)Antiporno (2)The Transfiguration (3)Game of Death

16. Midnight Cinema 3
(1)The Eye´s Dream (2)Dogs (3)The Mole Song-Hong Kong Capriccio

17. Midnight Cinema 4
(1)Dawn of the Felines (2)Antiporno (3)The Eye´s Dream