Program modifications to the ticket catalogue(April 19, 2018)
2018/04/23 PM 1:51 admin

Program update\s and modifications to Jeonju IFF’s ticket catalogue have been made as below. (Apr 19th ver.)

1. Changes to Guest Visit (GV) Schedule

a) (M8) <Encroach>
p19, p121 - GV has been canceled on May 6th (Sun) 21:00 at MEGABOX Jeonju(Gaeksa) 8. (Code 372)

b) (JD) <Steel Rain>
p15, p97 - Stage greeting has been added on May 4th (Fri) 19:00 at Jeonju Dome. (Code 144)

2. Changes to Program Information
a) (World Cinemascape) <John McEnroe: In the Realm of Perfection>
p21, p25, p103, p107 - English title has been changed. (Code 453, 607)

b) (Masters) <A Skin So Soft>
p16 - May 6th Screening time has been changed to 20:30. (Code 359)

c) (World Cinemascape) <ONE PIECE: International Classics -Movie Brain->
p80 - Production Year has been changed to 2014.

d) (International Competition) <Distant Constellation>
p14, p20, p26, p48 - Duration has been changed to 82 minutes. (Code 118, 460, 748)

e) (Special Focus: Regained Time of Raul Ruiz) <The Suspended Vocation>
p 141 - Color spec has been changed to color/b&w. (Code 110, 251, 744)

f) (International Competition) <Notes on an Appearance>
p50 - English title has been revised. (Code 134, 440, 702)

g) (Jeonju Cinema Project) <A Good Business>
p18, p24, p30, p32, P65 - Duration has been changed to 100 minutes. (Code 345, 610, 922)

h) (Jeonju Cinema Project) <Winter´s Night>
p18, p24, p30, p32, P65 - Duration has been changed to 98 minutes. (Code 326, 504, 933)

i) (Jeonju Cinema Project) <The Land on the Waves>
p16, p20, p22, p32, P65 - Duration has been changed to 85 minutes. (Code 213, 461, 533)

j) (Jeonju Cinema Project) <The Best We Can>
P67 - Duration has been changed to 109 minutes. (Code 131, 316, 912)

k) (Jeonju Cinema Project) <NONA. If You Soak Me, I Will Burn You>
P18, P24, P31, P32, P67 - Duration has been changed to 97 minutes. (Code 322, 646, 908)

3. Changes to Program Events
a) (Frontline Class) <Let the Corpse Tan>
p147 - Theater has been changed: MEGABOX Jeonju(Gaeksa)10 >>> CGV Jeonjugosa 1

b) (Frontline Class) <Holiday>
p147 - Theater has been changed: CGV Jeonjugosa 8 >>> MEGABOX Jeonju(Gaeksa) 8

c) (Forum) ‘The History of the Film Disney had Changed’ <Fantasia 2000>
p153 - Guest added: JANG Byunhwon(Jeonju IFF Programmer)

d) (Frontline Class) <Let the Coprse Tan>, <Holiday>, <Cocote>
p147 - Date has revised: May 4 (Sat) >>>> May 4 (Fri)

e) (Frontline Class) <Classical Period>, <The Tree>
p148 - Date has been revised: May 5(Sun) >>>> May 5(Sat)

f) (Talk Class) <MYSTERY PINK>
p151 - Guest added: (Actor) SEO Hyunjin