The 11th Jeonju Project Market “JCP: NEXT EDITION” Project Selections
2019/03/14 PM 1:00 admin

Jeonju International Film Festival presents the five projects select\ed for the “JCP: NEXT EDITION.” This year, three feature films and two documentary projects are select\ed.

The following list of select\ed projects will be presented at the 2nd JCP: NEXT EDITION during Jeonju Project Market (May 5th - May 7th, 2019).

“JCP: NEXT EDITION” Project Selections (5 projects total, order based on the order of submission)
<i>Electrocute</i>, Gastón SOLNICKI
<i>After Time</i>, Peter Bo RAPPMUND
<i>Outside Noise</i>, Ted FENDT
<i>Laotian Bride – Border Bride</i>, WANG Bing
<i>Do Fish Sleep with Their Eyes Open?</i>, Nele WOHLATZ

“JCP: NEXT EDITION” Jury Comments
The “JCP: NEXT EDITION” is a project pitching event to select\ an international project for the feature film production program “Jeonju Cinema Project”. On March 5th, the select\ion committee gathered around to select\ the projects for the 2nd “JCP: NEXT EDITION”, which will be held during the Jeonju Project Market. The select\ion committee was greatly encouraged with the applicant’s enthusiastic response of submitting 26 projects, which is twice the number of submissions than last year. The select\ion committee also took pride in receiving more attention from all over the world including Asia, Latin America, North America and Europe. There was a large number of interesting proposals, from projects with common themes portrayed with unique narrative structures to projects that challenge the clichés of traditional screenwriting.

The select\ion committee decided to follow the 1st “JCP: NEXT EDITION” select\ion criteria, as last year’s pre-select\ion was set as a precedent. Five projects are select\ed based on the submitted documents. <i>Electrocute</i> by Gastón Solnicki (Argentina), <i>After Time</i> by Peter Bo Rappmund (USA/Korea), <i>Outside Noise</i> by Ted Fendt (Germany/Austria/USA), <i>Laotian Bride – Border Bride</i> by Wang Bing (Hong Kong/France/Netherlands), and <i>Do Fish Sleep with Their Eyes Open?</i> by Nele Wohlatz (Brazil/ Argentina), were select\ed to pitch at the 2nd “JCP: NEXT EDITION”.

Director Gastón Solinick´s project <i>Electrocute</i> and director Nele Wohlatz’s project <i>Do Fish Sleep with Their Eyes Open?</i> received a high score for its interesting theme, innovating storytelling and the strong achievements verified by the director’s previous films. The project <i>After Time</i> by the director Peter Bo Rappmund captivated the select\ion committee for the timeliness of depicting the division of the Korean Peninsula, the strong merits of the project’s production method and characteristic which enables the director to exhibit its own signature style. <i>Outside Noise</i> was select\ed for its uniqueness, the project was shown as one of a kind which the director Ted Fendt can solely create. Wang Bing’s project <i>Laotian Bride – Border Bride</i>’s dramatic story, the amount of time and energy devoted and the director’s capability of creating a sturdy work persuaded the select\ion committee. All the select\ed projects gave the conviction that they will turn into great films.

The five projects will be presented at the 2nd “JCP: NEXT EDITION”, which will be held on May 6th. We hope that the directors will strengthen and develop their projects further. We would also like to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to all the applicants for enthusiastically submitting their great projects.

“Jeonju Cinema Project” Selection Committee