The 12th JEONJU Project Market “JEONJU Next Edition 2020” Project Selections
2020/03/23 PM 2:58 admin

JEONJU International Film Festival presents the five projects select\ed for the “JEONJU Next Edition 2020”

The following list of select\ed projects will be presented at the 3rd JEONJU Next Edition during Jeonju Project Market (May 30th – June 2nd, 2020) and one final select\ed project for JEONJU Cinema Project would be announced at Jeonju Project Market Award Ceremony on June 2nd.

JEONJU Next Edition Project Selections (5 projects total, by Korean alphabetical order of directors’ name)
Samsara Lois Patiño
Cat Island Siege Ledesma
Three detectives: paper, clay, or stone Alan Segal
A Flower In the Mouth Éric Baudelaire
Dreaming Dogs and Barking Men Elsa Kremser, Levin Peter

JEONJU Next Edition Jury Comments
JEONJU Next Edition is a pitching program to select\ international film projects for JEONJU Cinema Project, financed by JEONJU International Film Festival (JEONJU IFF). JEONJU Next Edition received 34 projects from 28 countries, including Latin America, Asia and Europe, up 30.7% from last year’s entries. More filmmakers from more countries have involved in this year’s edition and JEONJU IFF is proud of increasing worldwide attention. We would like to thank all the participants.

This year’s submission has projects that experiment the boundaries of conventional films and projects that explore the identity such as women, migrants or LGBTQs. Especially, it drew attention that there are some hybrid documentary films which seep into various domains of genre as if to intend JEONJU IFF’s slogan, ‘Cinema, Liberated and Expressed.’ The Selection Committee has chosen five projects based on artistic originality, production ability of directors and producers, schedule and budget.

Lois Partiño’s Samsara and Éric Baudelaire’s A Flower In The Mouth gave a strong trust that the directors have their own styles demonstrated though previous works. Seige Ledesma’s Cat Island is gentle but powerful, as well as delicate and warm. It is appealing that the director sincerely hopes this film would encourage our dark world. Alan Segal’s Three detectives: paper, clay, or stone earned attention for its originality and innovation to go forward experiments on image languages. Elsa Kremser and Levin Peter’s Dreaming Dogs and Barking Men has great tenacity of filmmakers who have produced documentaries about the power of time. It has enough possibility to be developed to ask philosophical questions beyond its subject.

These five projects will be unveiled to people of the film industry from national and international at JEONJU Next Edition during JEONJU Project Market. It was great time to imagine how they are going to be made through JEONJU Next Edition, an arena to preview filmmakers’ upcoming works. JEONJU IFF would like to give a big thank you to all the filmmakers for their enthusiasm and application for JEONJU Next Edition.

JEONJU Cinema Project Selection Committee

JEONJU Cinema Project
Launched to support independent filmmakers, JEONJU Cinema Project has invested and produced 21 art and independent films at home and abroad. It is known as representative program of JEONJU IFF. It consists of two parts: JEONJU Cinema Fund supporting the planning and development of Korean films and JEONJU Next Edition introducing promising international projects.