Details of the 21st JEONJU IFF
2020/05/24 PM 10:0 admin

Safety First
Safety is our top priority. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we would like to make sure that our plans are safe to all participants to JEONJU IFF 2020. Accordingly, we have implemented the following changes in our details. In finalizing plans for the current edition of JEONJU IFF, we considered two major aspects. First, we make sure is an adequate degree of social distancing is maintained throughout the entire festival period. At the same time, we would like to provide ample and diverse opportunities for audience to enjoy cinema.

From May 28 (Thursday) to June 6 (Saturday), the initially planned period, we will hold exclusive screenings of the competition titles. During that period, select\ed titles will be streamed online. to September 20 (Sunday), all titles will be screened at theaters.

Thus, the 21st edition of JEONJU IFF will not be a ten-day annual event. Instead, it will be held for an extended period of time: from May 28 to September 20.

1. Exclusive Screening for Evaluation (for competition titles)
• Schedule: May 28 (Thu) – June 1 (Mon), 2020

• Lineup: 8 films in International Competition, 11 films in Korean Competition, 25 films in Korean Competition for Shorts / a total of 44 films
• We will hold exclusive screenings for competition titles. The audience will be restricted to judges and filmmakers.

2. Online Screening
Although off-line screenings for competition titles will be invitation-based from May 28 to June 6, we want to make sure public audience can also fully enjoy the competition titles at home. Thus, we will be delivering out competition titles to home. The digital edition of JEONJU IFF 2020 will the first international film festival going virtual through an OTT platform, among all the film festivals hosted in South Korea.
• Schedule: – June 6 (Sat), 2020
※ The Extended Screening is postponed due to the respread of COVID-19. JEONJU IFF will closely watch a current condition and announce details when the situation is stable.
• Lineup: Films that have given the consent to stream their projects online for public. (due for 96 titles)
-        42 international films (36 features, 6 shorts)
-        54 Korean films (21 features, 33 shorts)
• Audience can enjoy films through an OTT platform, wavve. (

3. Extended Screening Plans
- JEONJU IFF used to run more than 20 theaters for 10 days and attract a large audience at the annual gathering. This year, the festival will showcase a select\ion of the official lineup in the extended screening format for a longer period than previous editions to prevent the spread of COVID-19. During the extended screenings, the festival plans to hold diverse program events such as GV, talking session with the directors and actors, just like previous festivals.
• Schedule: July 21 (Tue) – September 16 (Wed), 2020 / Closed every Monday
• Venue: JEONJU Digital Independent Cinema (on the fourth floor of JEONJU Cine Complex)
• Lineup: 175 films from the 21st JEONJU IFF’s official select\ion (about 180 films)

<The 21st JEONJU IFF’s Extended Screening collaborating with CGV ARTHOUSE>
• Schedule: for about 3 weeks from August 6 (Thu), 2020
• Venue: CGV Myungdong Station Cine Library, CGV Apgujung
• Lineup: about 40 films from the 21st JEONJU IFF’s official select\ion (about 180 films)

4. FALLing in JEONJU
Past editions of FALLing in JEONJU have been planned for audience to remember JEONJU IFF in spring in a form of a smaller-scale film festival. Audience could enjoy screenings of key titles including award winners in fall again. However, this year, it will be an event marking the grand finale of JEONJU IFF 2020, which is extended for a longer period and diversified with exclusive events, online screenings, extended screenings, among others.

FALLing in JEONJU this year will be held from September 17 (Thursday) to September 20 (Sunday). We will screen a higher number of titles this year than the past. We are also planning to invite filmmakers and guests from all over the world so we could have an opportunity to physically gather together, celebrate, and enjoy films in fall.
• Schedule: September 17 (Thu) – September 20 (Sun), 2020
• Venue: JEONJU Cine Complex and other theaters in Jeonju Film Street
• Lineup: Titles that were much loved by stay-at-home and off-line audiences. Titles among JEONJU IFF 2020’s official select\ion which will be able to have Guest Visits with filmmakers and actors.