Shuttle Bus


● Bus routes, times, and duration of rides may change or be delayed depending on traffic conditions.
● Travel time to theaters and event venues may take longer than expected, so please take the shuttle bus early.
● If the shuttle bus is full, it may leave earlier than the scheduled time.

(Thursday), 3rd May : Opening Day

1. Route for Visitors
Express Bus Terminal Jeonju Square
16:40 17:00
17:00 17:20
17:20 17:40
17:40 18:00
2. Route for Festival Guests
Hotel Le Win Jeonju Lounge
17:30 17:50
3. After Opening Ceremony / After Screening of Opening Film

Opening Ceremony → Hotel Le Win (Twice)
Hotel Le Win → Cinema Street (Twice after the Opening Reception)

4. Special Route

Commuter Bus (Seoul → Hotel Le Win, transportation for guests from Seoul to Jeonju)

(Friday), 4th May – (Friday), 4th May

Round-trip Route for Event Venues (Every 15 minutes / First bus 09:00 - Last bus 20:00)

Service Checking Time 11:30~12:30 / 14:30~15:30 / 17:30~18:30 (Takes 60min)