Jeonju Cinema Project

Winter´s Night

  • Jeonju Cinema Projectㅣ World Premiere
  • 201898minDCPcolorFiction
Director JANG Woo-jin
Nation Korea
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Middle-aged couple Heungju and Eunju visit Cheongpyeongsa. Losing Eunju´s mobile, they return to the temple. Staying the night in the town where they spent their first night, they realize what they´ve really lost is not the mobile, but the ´present´.


Code Time Theater Info / Ticket
326 2018. 05. 06
CGV Jeonjugosa 1

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504 2018. 05. 08
CGV Jeonjugosa 6

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933 2018. 05. 12
CGV Jeonjugosa 1

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JANG Woo-jin

Jang Woo-jin’s debut film <i>A Fresh Start</i> (2014) reveals the ambition of this young director from its beginning: The long take at the convenience store is a sheer product of film form. The Grand Prize winner of the Jeonju IFF 2014 Korean Competition, <i>A Fresh Start</i> is a story of hollow youth. An output of the Jeonju Cinema Project, <i>Winter’s Night</i> (2018) tracks down the unusual night of the day the middle-aged couple revisited Chuncheon. The narrative transcends the gap of time, stirring mysterious properties of the past juxtaposed with the present or the co-existing time(s). Jang broadened his scope by creating the installation work <i>Shot Reverse Shot</i> which he shot at the DMZ for the Expanded Plus founded at this year’s Jeonju IFF. Jang’s work was exhibited in the majority of international film festivals including Berlin, Locarno, Rotterdam, and Hong Kong.