Korea Cinemascape

Hello Dayoung

  • Korea Cinemascapeㅣ World Premiere
  • 201862minDCPb&wFiction
Director KO Bongsoo
Nation Korea
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Minjae, a delivery man, waits every day for the courier supposed to arrive at a company. It is because he has a crush on Dayoung who works there. One day, he finds her co-workers treat her poorly. In order to help her, he gets a job there.


Code Time Theater Info / Ticket
462 2018. 05. 07
MEGABOX Jeonju(Gaeksa) 4

Ticket Wish
643 2018. 05. 09
MEGABOX Jeonju(Gaeksa) 8

Ticket Wish
935 2018. 05. 12
CGV Jeonjugosa 7

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KO Bong-soo

There is something common about Ko Bong-soo’s films. All four of his feature films are comedies, films praising minorities, and were introduced at the Jeonju IFF. From the Grand Prize winner of the Jeonju IFF 2016 Korean Competition, <i>Delta Boys</i> (2016), to <i>Wish You Were Here</i>, Ko depicts the weary yet indomitable dreams of the figures who are inferior in the secular sense. His figures do not give in to slander, scolding, and oppression and positively accept the life of a minority. Ko is a distinctive pioneer of comedy in Korean independent cinema who works on silent comedy and fake documentary. He is renowned for spending a long time with the actors, leading them to act the charming characters as if they walked in the character’s shoes. In his self-reflexive fake documentary <i>Wish You Were Here</i>, he unifies his artistic world by acting the role of himself.