Expanded Cinema


  • Expanded Cinema
  • 2017108minDCPcolorExperimental
Director James BENNING
Nation USA
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The film shows, in medium close-up and in four uninterrupted shots lasting just under half an hour each, three women and one man reading a book of their choice, followed by a brief quotation from the book being read.


Code Time Theater Info / Ticket
316 2018. 05. 06
MEGABOX Jeonju(Gaeksa) 7

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807 2018. 05. 11
MEGABOX Jeonju(Gaeksa) 9

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James Benning started his career during the rise of the American avant-garde cinema in the late 1960s and continued for over 40 years. His formalistic works focus on time and perceptual experience, approaching the concept of place through cultural, political, and historical lenses. Since <i>One Way Boogie Woogie/27 Years Later</i> (2005) was invited to the 7th Jeonju IFF, 10 works of Benning have been screened at Jeonju. In 2010, he directed the film <i>Pig Iron</i> (2010) for the Jeonju Digital Project. This year, he presents two works: <i>L. Cohen</i>, a day’s record of an Oregon farm landscape and <i>Birth of A Nation</i>, an installation piece that extracted pro-racist scenes from D.W. Griffith’s <i>The Birth of a Nation</i> (1915). The documentary works of Benning delve into the nature of “cinema,” exploring space-time relations.